Year 7 Welcome Service


On Friday 11th September staff, parents and pupils gathered to welcome Year 7 2016.

Mrs Dosh opened the service with kind words of encouragement and led a reflection. Each tutor Group was blessed by Team Chaplaincy and year 8 spoke about their own experiences during year 7 and encouraged year 7 to join in and use their gifts for the good of others.

The Oasis Team introduced themselves and offered to support and friendship. Year 9 Mentors introduced themselves and explained their roles in the school community.

Mr Gent wrote and performed a song to his Tutor Group, Mrs Taddeo wrote a poem for her tutor Group, Mr Johanson spoke from the heart and promised to support and journey with his Tutor Group, Mrs Boddice, read a poem about ‘Family’ to her Tutor Group and Mr Wheldon promised to be the best he could be for his Tutor Group.

Each pupil received a school prayer card and badge and added their name to our ‘Family Tree’ and our Head Teacher, Mrs McCarthy spoke to the pupils and parents and thanked them for joining our lovely school.

Saint John Houghton Catholic Voluntary Academy