School Calendar Download


You can download all events for the remainder of the school year on your iPad, iPhone, Android Phone and tablet, Windows Phone and it is also compatible with Microsoft outlook. On the device that you would like to download the calendar, click on the link below and download the file. Opening it in your built in calendar software will prompt you to import the data from the calendar file.

2015-2016 Calendar File

Student’s Points- League Table


We are currently publishing the weekly league table for the top ten boys and the top ten girls across Year 7-10. The points are put up around school, put on the school website under Links and are published in the weekly Friday Letter for all to see.  The points are for the ‘top’ pupils for the previous week, in all walks of school life. Pupils are awarded points for stamps; commendations; extra-curricular activities; Act of Worship participation and any other positive participation around school (in and out of the classroom). The positive points are then offset against the negative points (points deducted for demerits; lunchtime/ after school detentions etc) and the top performers across the school are then named.

The new league table system should hopefully spur all pupils on in a positive way in an attempt to get their name in the ‘top ten’.

Mr Thomson.

Update: Last weeks league tables have been published! Click on the link below to view the tables.

You can view the league tables by clicking here

Information regarding GO 4 Schools


Dear Parents

We’re currently trialling and re-configuring the GO 4 Schools assessment tracking tool for the next academic year. Therefore, to avoid any confusion, access is currently turned off for parents. You will still be able to see behaviour and attendance information on the GO 4 Schools website. We expect to turn GO 4 Schools assessment tracking back on for parents during Term 6.

If you have a query please do not hesitate to contact us via

We apologise for any inconvenience
The Data Team

Saint John Houghton Catholic Voluntary Academy