Child Development

Child Development is not taught until year 10 as a GCSE Option subject. The syllabus we follow is OCR Child Development. The specification focuses on the development of a child from conception to the age of five, developing knowledge and understanding in all aspects of child development. Students choose this subject out of pure interest or in some cases to further career aspirations in nursing, nursery nurse training or teaching.
The syllabus is set out as follows:

  • Controlled Assessment (coursework)
  • Short Tasks: Three separate tasks each worth 10% of the final grade which take approximately 7 hours.
  • Child Study: This is undertaken in year 11 and is worth 30% of the final grade. Each student needs to study a child between the ages of birth and 5 who they are responsible for visiting weekly for one term (Sept to Dec).

Final Examination

This is based on the principles of child development which is broken down in to the following sections :-

  • Family and parenting
  • Preparation for pregnancy and birth
  • Physical development
  • Nutrition and health
  • Intellectual, social and emotional development
  • Community support.
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