Design & Technology (Year 8)

Design and Technology in Year 8 is using the basic technical knowledge that students have gained in Year 7. The design briefs that students are given allow students to start expressing themselves my designing their own solution to the brief. Students are taught new skills and knowledge as well as using relevant research to inform their designing. Students will complete 6 projects lasting around 8 weeks over during their time in Year 8.

Mission to Mars

Students are introduced into the technical world of systems and control my designing a new system to control our NXT Lego mind storm robots. The design brief is to control the Mars curiosity robot to carry out experiments across the barren landscape. Can students design a system to automatically control inputs and outputs of curiosity?

A Bugs Life

The theatrical version of the popular film ‘A Bug’s Life’ will be showing at the Theatre Royal in Nottingham. To celebrate the event the Theatre Royal sales stand wants to sell metallic sculptures of various bugs. You are tasked to design, model and manufacture a suitably sized metallic insect based on the film.

The Underground

The London Underground is one of the world’s largest transport systems. Over a million people travel to work in to London each day, 60% of these use the Underground. It travels through some very different areas, each area expressing their different cultures. Use your travel pass to experience some of these cultural delights by stopping off at each station to recreate the flavours of each destination!….Enjoy .

Saint John Houghton Catholic Voluntary Academy