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Extension Homework

 Key Stage 3 – Years 7, 8 & 9

  • Using the information from your recent lessons create a key word glossary booklet (key word and definition).
  • Find an article on the BBC news website that links to the topic you are studying. Print it out and highlight the key areas.
  • Create a key term, word search for the topic you are covering I class at the moment. Word search blanks can be easily found on the internet. Search for “printable word search blanks”
  • Produce a picture collage about the topic you are covering in class. Add labels and see what the most unusual image is that you can find.
  • Do you have a test coming up? Create a revision booklet. Make sure you include key terms you need to know, any diagrams with labels and extra information that you can describe and explain.
  • SPELLING!!! – is one of your targets “spag”. Create a spellings list, of the words you are finding the most difficult. You can ask your teacher to check they all correct and then you can try to learn them.
  • EXPLAINING!! – is one of your targets to explain more?  List all the useful connectives you can think of and make a booklet to use in lessons and assessments to help you make sure you are writing sentences with elaborated
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