Ofsted Reports

“Students are courteous, well mannered and orderly. They behave well in lessons and disruption to learning in lessons is uncommon. Most students say they feel safe in school. Students are keen to take on responsibilities, such as peer mentors. ”

“The headteacher is ambitious for the school and sets high expectations of staff and students. She is well supported by leaders, staff and governors. Staff morale is good. Leaders are successful in improving teaching and achievement. ”


  • This is an outstanding Catholic school.
  • The headteacher is skilfully driving the school towards further improvement.
  • The Catholic Life is at the centre of this school and it is all pervading. It is to the credit of all concerned that the continuing developments of the school’s mission have constantly been the number one priority at all times.
  • Praying together is central to the daily experience of staff and pupils.
  •  Pupils take full advantage of the outstanding opportunities that the school provides.
  •  Pupils are very proud of their school and show this through their exemplary behaviour, witnessed throughout the day both in classrooms and around the school.
  •  Religious Education is improving and monitoring and evaluation is now more focused.


…”The citizenship programme makes a good contribution to students’ personal, social, moral and cultural development. They enjoy citizenship, see it as relevant to their lives and engage actively with the learning. Those involved in the many citizenship groups and societies have good opportunities to influence change within and beyond the school. In lessons, teachers encourage students to express themselves and justify their opinions.”…

5th October 2010 – Citizenship Report

14th October 2013 – Section 48 Report View/Download 175 KB
5th June 2013 – Section 5 Report View/Download 175 KB
5th October 2010 – Citizenship Report
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Saint John Houghton Catholic Voluntary Academy