Careers Fair


Post 16 Information Evening

On Tuesday 7 November we held our Post 16 Information Evening.

I was delighted that many of our past students of Saint John Houghton are currently studying at post 16 came back to talk to our students.

The evening was a great success and students left feeling very positive about their possibilities for the future.

Congratulations Year 10!


Congratulations to the students who received their colours yesterday during Act of Worship.  Colours are awarded to students, nominated by their form tutors, who have served the school community in many ways.

Well done to:

Ella Callaghan Liam Hughes
Mark Kells Louisa Staley
Thomas Menghini Daisy Lee
Olivia Henry Jessica Woodward
Rhys Windridge Max Wildbore
Mille Gregory Freya Lyons
Eoin Gilbert Olivia Cuomo
Jessica Burton Adam Morley
Brodie Fearn Bluebell Richardson
Shannon Lambert Mert-Han Harry
Alex Leatherland Lilia Edge
Adam Roach Sophia Burns
Katy Salt Oliver Jasper


GCSE Results


On Thursday 24 August the Class of 2017 collected their GCSE exam results in the presence of their parents and teachers. It was a wonderful morning and it was great to be able to witness the celebrations that morning.

Our students and teaching staff had cause to celebrate with 71% of our students achieving a Grade 4 (the equivalent of an old C grade) or higher in GCSE Maths and English.

Our results are improving year on year with 13 of the new top grade 9’s being awarded to our students and 53% gaining a Grade 5 or higher in GCSE Maths and English.

We are pleased with the significant improvement in our results in a year of great volatility in the examinations system. Congratulations to the class of 2017 and we wish them every success in the future.

Nepal Trip 2017


Summer 2017 came around very quickly! This of course meant that we were to be travelling to Nepal! VERY EXCITING!

The expedition did not disappoint. We spent many hours preparing for two weeks in the Himalayas which we soon found out would be one of the most humbling environments available for the human eyes.

All the students were absolutely amazing, taking in every opportunity to experience the culture, mix with the local community and selflessly put themselves forward for all work needed to improve the lives of the young people and educators at the village school, that we were lucky to spend some time with. We had 3 days building an exterior wall, painting fences and working in the classrooms of a local village school.

Following this was our expedition to the Annapurna Range, arguably one of the most stunning environments in the world. 6 days saw a full range of weather conditions. Blistering sunshine, altitude, full scale humidity and monsoon weather. Again, all students took to environmental changes without a hint of a moan, unless of course it involved leeches more so if they were embodied in hair!

We also experienced the following:

Humbling and Warm welcomes, Birthday cake cooked on a stove at 3200m, lots of emotions, no blisters! leeches, goats, Trek dogs. Mr Poland reminding us that he went to Peru and his new haircut! new friendships, HS2 lectures and most important Life long memories.

We hope to share all of our experiences with you during an AOW in September, where you will be shown our photos and some of the students will be invited to share their own experiences from the trip to Nepal. Look out for the launch of the next expedition aiming for 2019!

Saint John Houghton Catholic Voluntary Academy