Run Club


Run Club runs every Tuesday after school with all students welcome.

Run Club is for everyone of all abilities, the part exercise plays in developing a healthy lifestyle is vital today and it is very important the students understand this and get involved and get active.

Running will help our students eat healthier, study more effectively and sleep much better, please encourage your child to take part.


Your School Lottery – How to Join


What is your School Lottery?

We are currently part of an online lottery, which helps raise money for our school with a guaranteed weekly cash prize every week for one of our supporters.

Its and excellent way to support us with 40% of the ticket sales going towards the school.

It’s simple to join and fun way to support Saint John Houghton.

Who can Join Your School Lottery?

Parents, family and friends can all take part as long as you are over 16 and have a bank account.

How does it work?

There will be a weekly prize draw every week, just for our supporters with one winning a guaranteed weekly cash prize, the more people that take part the bigger the prize will be! Tickets cost as little as £1.00 week.

When you take part you will be entered into a separate national prize draw with the chance of winning £25,000!

Both Prize Draws take place every Saturday evening, the results are then posted on Your School Lottery website. Winners will be contacted directly and paid automatically.

How do I Join?

Joining Your School Lottery is simple, just visit and follow the instructions.


Parent Information Evening


It has been a busy Academic year and we are busy planning for the next one. As you know we have introduced many new initiatives and we are looking at some more. I would welcome the opportunity to discuss the progress we have been making in addressing the issues raised in our Ofsted inspection.

There will be a Parents information evening on Monday July 9 at 7pm in school. I will be sending a letter out next week and I do hope you will consider attending.


Parent Survey 2018


We are seeking the views of ALL parents in our April 2018 Survey.  Your views are important and will play a crucial role in helping us to move our school forward.  On average the survey takes just over three and a half minutes to complete.

Many thanks in advance for your contributions.

Please CLICK HERE to to access the survey.

Mr Brogan
Deputy Headteacher

Saint John Houghton Catholic Voluntary Academy