Physical Education

Key Stage 3

All students receive four one hour lessons over the two week timetable.

All students are given a baseline assessment at the beginning of Year 7 in order to set target grades and monitor progress through the Key Stage.

In Year 7, students are taught primarily in tutor groups with some activities gender grouped. They are taught a range of activities that include Football, Netball, Rugby, Hockey, Basketball, Fitness, Dance, Gymnastics, Badminton, Cricket, Rounders and Athletics.

In Years 8 and 9, students follow the same activities as in Year 7 but are given some options such as whether to follow Gym and Dance


Key Stage 4

All students receive two one hour lessons over the two week timetable.
Students are taught in mixed ability groups.
Activities are opted for on a term by term basis.

In Year 10 and 11, Students may follow units of work in Hockey, Fitness, Basketball, Zumba, Dance Badminton, Rugby, Cricket, Rounders, Tennis and Athletics.

In Year 11, Students are given the opportunity to take part in some activities that may take place out of school.



The new National Curriculum, being introduced in September 2014, requires that students are assessed against expected outcomes.

Students will be given expected outcomes at the beginning of each activity and assessed at whether they have been achieved by the end of the unit. Students who have not achieved the expected outcomes will be assessed as working towards the outcomes and those students who exceeded the outcomes will be assessed as excelling.

At the end of Key stage, all students are expected to:

“To build on and embed the physical development and skills learned in key stages 1 and 2, become more competent, confident and expert in their techniques, and apply them across different sports and physical activities. They should understand what makes a performance effective and how to apply these principles to their own and others’ work. They should develop the confidence and interest to get involved in exercise, sports and activities out of school and in later life, and understand and apply the long-term health benefits of physical activity.

At Key Stage 4, assessments are made at the end of each activity. The assessments are made against the Edexcel G.C.S.E PE assessment criteria with marks ranging from 1 to 10.

The new National Curriculum, being introduced in September 2014, requires that students by the end of key stage 4 should:

“Pupils should tackle complex and demanding physical activities. They should get involved in a range of activities that develops personal fitness and promotes an active, healthy lifestyle.


G.C.S.E Physical Education

In Year 10, students are given the option of following the OCR J586 GCSE PE course.
This course is taught for five one hour lessons over the two week timetable.
Students are assessed in two one hour examinations at the end of Year 11 worth 20% each.

They are also assessed in four activity areas from Football, Netball, Basketball, Athletics, Rounders, Aerobics, Coaching and Leadership and Resistance Training.
Students may be assessed in other activities if approved by OCR. These are worth 50% of the overall assessment.
Students also complete two controlled assessments worth 5% each. These are completed over 6 hours and are based on an Analysis of lifestyle and performance.
Further information on this course can be found on the examination board’s website:


Cambridge Nationals in Sports Studies Level 2

This is a vocationally-related qualification that takes an engaging, practical and inspiring approach to learning and assessment. The new Cambridge Nationals in Sport Studies reflect this and provide students with a broad knowledge and understanding of different aspects of sports studies, from looking at contemporary issues in sport and the relationship between sport and the media to developing the practical skills essential for progression into the sports industry.

Assessment is made through 4 units of which one is a formal external exam.
The course is worth the equivalent of one G.C.S.E at C or above


Extra-curricular activities

A wide range of activities are offered to all students. These activities run at lunchtimes and afterschool.
These include Basketball, Football, Netball, Badminton, Tennis, Benchball,, Athletics, Cricket and Rounders,
School Teams regularly participate in competitions within the Erewash, Derbyshire and National competition structure.
Inter form competitions take place throughout the year in Football, Netball, Boccia, Basketball, Indoor Athletics, Rounders and Cricket.


Sports Leaders

In Year 10, students are offered the opportunity to become Junior Sports leaders. This involves assisting with and organising sporting opportunities for both Secondary and Primary pupils in the Erewash area.


Erewash Schools Sports Partnership

As a department we work closely with the other schools in Erewash as part of the schools sports partnership. The aims of the partnership are to offer a range of sporting opportunities across both primary and secondary schools in the Erewash area.

Two initiatives are offered at present. The Year 8 kickstart project is aimed at boys with an interest in physical activity and sport but who are not presently engaged in school and outside school sport. The Year 10 Alive and Active scheme is designed to encourage participation by girls at Key Stage 4. Both schemes are co-ordinated by the SSco who also works closely with our primary feeders in the delivery of both curriculum and club sessions.

Students who complete the course receive a qualification at Level 2.

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