School/Parish Links

Our Partner Primary Schools

We establish very strong links with our partner primary schools: English Martyrs, Long Eaton. The Priory, Eastwood and St Thomas, Ilkeston and recognise the care the pupils need to settle into secondary school life as quickly and as carefully as they can in order to reach their full potential.  We celebrate, pray and join together and enjoy one another’s success stories. We are praying and meeting and plan to come together for a joint Liturgy in March.

Saint John Houghton Catholic Voluntary Academy was proud and delighted to host the second Primary School Gathering on 13th March 2012.  Mr Stephen Brogan, Head of Year 7, led the assembly which included English Martyrs’, The Priory and Saint Thomas.

The morning’s reflection was centred on the Olympic Values.  Each school brought an Olympic circle and each pupil brought a handmade Gold Medal with their name and with their personal aim written on it.

The pupils from English Martyrs’ led us in song and showed a wonderful example of ‘equality’ followed by Saint John Houghton pupils in Year 7  who gave the message of ’courage and determination’ through dance, ICT and poetry.   The Priory’s worship and prayer showed ’respect and excellence’, and St Thomas had fun with the values ‘friendship and inspiration’ through dance and movement.

Thank you to all the staff, parents, Priests and representatives from The Diocese of Nottingham who joined us in this very special celebration.  This really was a very special day, the students were excellent and I am sure will remember this day for a long time to come.  Each pupil returned to their school with another child’s Gold Medal so they could pray for one another.

Our Parishes

 We are supported by the Parish Priests who visit our school to celebrate Mass and establish a relationship with staff and pupils and we are grateful for their dedicated service.

Diocesan Residential Centre “The Briars”

 We support and are supported by The Briars Team and have a strong link with the Community and Father Robbie.  A group of students are planning to reach out with their green fingers to help John Morgan with some gardening at the centre.

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