During Key stage 3 students will study an equal number of topics in Biology, Chemistry and Physics in line with the new National Curriculum (September 2014). Assessment contributing to each child’s ‘working at’ level/grade is an average of their performance across a variety of levelled activities from homework to tests.

Within the GCSE science curriculum all students begin the AQA GCSE Science A pathway in year 9. Each group will study units of GCSE Biology, Chemistry and Physics and will be assessed accordingly to ascertain the best GCSE route for them in years 10 and 11. We deliver 2 options within the Science curriculum; these are Double Science and Triple Science pathways.

Double Science

Students study combined sciences incorporating parts of Biology, Chemistry and Physics resulting in 2 GCSE qualifications at the end of year 11.

Triple Science

Students within this group study for separate GCSE qualifications in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. This will enable each student to achieve 3 GCSE qualifications at the end of year 11. Students must enter for all three sciences and cannot select subjects.

It is important to note that the Triple Science course is delivered in the same curriculum time as the double science course.

Please note:

  • All examinations will be linear and taken at the end of Year 11 only.
  • In line with the new Science specifications, coursework cannot be delivered until the final certification year i.e. Year 11.
  • Each GCSE course will involve 3 hours of formal examination time at the end of the course i.e. 6 hours for two GCSEs and 9 hours for three GCSEs.
  • Each single GCSE course currently involves a 25% component related to experimental practical and reporting ability, however this is due to change to 10% in the future.
  • Any student wishing to study triple science will be required to have a level 6a/Grade C average in Science at the end of Year 9.
  • It will be the final decision of the science department if a student is suitable for the triple science course based on an assessment of the students’ performance across all science subject areas.



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